How many women get this? 

Art is the unconius soul of everything that we believe is great. As for me kingknottydread, i belive art is with in us all. Weather if your singing for million to see or just dancing to the city beat. We all have art with in us. Like this pass month I’ve been so into my […]

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Art is my planet…

I’ve been a fan of this cartoon for a loooong time and tonight i just had to do one.  In this clip you can view my basic bold out line before i start adding my colors. (had to have some wu_playing in the background) . when i draw i feel so free in my space […]

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I am man…

​As a man  i will do what is right to lead our sons the right way. Show my younger brothers how to be a strong man of will and focus. To never leave my brothers behind and give our women hope in the black man. We will not stand by and watch our future men […]

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Black couples and unity

​We connected cause i saw beautiful music in her ways.  She saw the great man in my standers. Together we knew that this could be good and the only way this union would fade. Is if we lost sight of our unity. #agreement #beauty #unity #union #blacklove #blackpowers #king #queens #love #blackexcellence #allblack #energy #life […]

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Protect our queens!! 

To truly capture the love of a women(a queen). You must be able to show her things that will help her grow and become better in your care. Yeah its good and all the have a girl friend,but life means more when you can make her your wife.  If your not ready to plant good […]

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Babylon is real.

​When you choose to walk away from Babylon. You will see people you love and knew change on you. But don’t get up set or try to say. These things are going to happen on your way to Zion. Face these things head on,cause your doing something right. Just hope that more people will change […]

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