Babylon is real.

​When you choose to walk away from Babylon. You will see people you love and knew change on you. But don’t get up set or try to say. These things are going to happen on your way to Zion. Face these things head on,cause your doing something right. Just hope that more people will change as you do for them self. The way of the world isnt always right. To why we must awaken our self to greater.

#awaken #openeyes #theblackspirit #hope #change #zion #neweyes #blacklove #hope #faith #rasta #rastalove #freeforming #babylon #blackexcellence #jah #kingknottydread #knottycrownupdates 

This is a post from my IG page @kingknottydread. See more dailay post there.

Salute from kingknottydread.


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