Protect our queens!! 

To truly capture the love of a women(a queen). You must be able to show her things that will help her grow and become better in your care. Yeah its good and all the have a girl friend,but life means more when you can make her your wife. 

If your not ready to plant good seed in her mind,body and spirit. Don’t awaken that energy of a fire bird. Man its time for us to show that we are more then just fools with cars and money. We have to be leaders,care takers and strong for our families. So that we birth kids who will do the same.

#passion #leadership #women #men #family #change #enpower #rastalove #sight #build #itstime #freeforming #queens #spirit #love #blacklove #blackfamilys #blackexcellence #kingknottydread #knottycrownupdates


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