How many women get this? 

Art is the unconius soul of everything that we believe is great. As for me kingknottydread, i belive art is with in us all. Weather if your singing for million to see or just dancing to the city beat. We all have art with in us.

Like this pass month I’ve been so into my art book and just drawing any thing or any one i can to get better.

Here are a few! 

Im a big fan of charlie murphy. May he rest in power. One of the greatist funny guy for my generation.

And not last on the list of dope asap rocky. Man this guy is just a cool guy and plus he’s from nyc(harlem ny). One of my favorite rappers and fly guy on my list.

If you guy really dig my post and my art. Two things! Like and subcribe to my blog. 

You can also follow me on IG/twitter @kingknottydread

As always this has been  knottycrownupdates.


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