Natural growing roots (look at my locs)

What’s good kings and queens. Once again it’s me king knotty dread.with a goodie today.

So i have been growing my hair for like five years and this year when i made the choose to cut my locs and start a new set of locs. I come to find that my first set was cool but they where minipulated into locking instead of naturally letting them lock.i really do like the natural look of my locs right now. It shows so much personality. Not just in its self but how we are seen in the world.

So now i like to ask you guys a question.

What are your ruteens on getting your locs to lock? I mostly dont use any thing, but during the week i give my hair a spray of coconut oil and now also sea salt and water mix. Until i really give my hair a wash. Which is like every two weeks(is that to long to wait?). Any way comment on this and tell me what you do for your locks.

As always i am king knotty dread and this has been a knottycrownupdates.


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