Knottycrownupdates. Freedom bomer jacket.

So I’ve always been into DIY.thats why i started my punkmonkey301usa clothing line. Sewing gives me the platform to express my self the way i like to. Yes there are many great sewers out there but this is my way.
I had some patchs that i been wanting to add on to something. So why not this dope bomer jacket. Very cool right? Yeah i know it. Althoagh this is my style and my idea. I hope you guys like it as much as i do.

Most likely i’ll be adding more stuff to this jacket ,but for now this will do.

I also put some cool buttons i had and they fit just right with the them of this look. 

If you really like this jacket. Give a 👍’s up.

If you like to see the video clip follow me on istagram @kingknottydread  all links are in bio.

One again i am kingknottydread and this has been another knottycrownupdates.


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