Harlem is still alive!!

So whats up my people. once again it me king knotty dread with an up date.

so this past friday 10,2017 to sunday 12,2017 was the Genius love company art exhibit. In the heart of Harlem new york at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. state office building. this three-day art event was a good one in my book. got to meet and see some good art and meet with some dope artist at the same time. If you know me and what im about you know I love creative people. Really got to meet some good people. I will be sure to next time let you guys know about their next event or just follow me on Facebook @kingknottydread and you will know whats going down.

here are a few photo I took from the event. under my photography name which is STREETFLASH174 on instagram.


Once again this has been another #knottycrownupdates and I am your nappy host, king knotty dread. make sure to check me out on Instagram/Facebook @kingknottydread or @streetflash174 and for my clothing line @punkmonkey301usa. catch you on the next post.


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